About Us

Introducing HLM Construction Management – providing custom solutions for all of your building projects from concept through completion.


Our extensive expertise in a variety of market sectors including office, retail, industrial, aviation, sports, entertainment and public works results in a track record of success that ensures a successful project for you.

Construction Project Management/Owner Representation services requires integrity, trust, communication and proven procedures that work to maximize efficiencies and reduce risk.


At HLM Construction Management, we make it our mission to do all that and more – to deliver projects on time, on budget and with a level of quality that will exceed your expectations.


Whether you need us for a certain segment of your development or as an integral team member throughout, look to the professionals at HLM Construction Management. On many projects, we are involved from beginning to end and on others, client’s bring us in as needed to help access and develop accurate budgets, work with governing agencies to ensure proper planning for permits, troubleshoot existing projects, review and negotiate trade agreements, develop detailed scheduling programs and monitoring execution.


Our impressive list of projects is our proof of performance. Our individual backgrounds and strengths is proof of our experience. And our team systems and synergy creates a platform of trust that is the essence of all successful working relationships.


We know you want your project to be the best it can be. Be sure it is with HLM Construction Management on your team.